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This journal is now friends only.

Sometimes there be slash and language in these entries and I don't want to run the risk of offending anyone. I used to be such a sweet sweet thing until they got a hold of me. I am a sweet person - ;) - so if we share common interests I'll probably friend you. ♥
Tea and record

Writer's Block: Ten for the Tenth

Some people spend their whole lives preparing the answer to this question: What albums are on your personal all-time Top 10 list?

I was just thinking about which is my favourite Alice Cooper album on my walk home, which is convenient, as they would definitely rank up in the top ten. However it's so hard to choose a top ten, as I always hate leaving artists out.

In no particular order!

1. Killer by Alice Cooper
2. Sell Out by The Who
3. III by Led Zeppelin
4. Creature by Moist
5. Jefferson Airplane Takes Off by Jefferson Airplane
6. Yourself Or Someone Like You by Matchbox Twenty
7. Meddle by Pink Floyd
8. Feedback by Rush
9. Queen (I) by Queen
10. High 'N' Dry by Def Leppard (after being reminded by Ria that I missed a number 10 XD )
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(no subject)

Sneaking on yet again, with a question that is relevant to something I am writing, just not at this time. Still have a few other priorities before I get to writing. But still, I ask now.

I was just looking up on Google travelling distances and times between Los Angeles, and a couple of places in Arizona. It says it takes 7h12m to travel to Tucson, and 5h31m to travel to Phoenix. However, what I want to know is how much that time might differ if those distances were travelled back in 1969/1970. I'm thinking lower speed limits on the roads, and cars certainly not going as fast as they do now, would add some extra time. Who would think tacking on an extra hour or two would be more realistic?

Please and thank you in advance. ^_^
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Feeling thirsty?

This is a bit of a random question but I'm hoping someone about on my list might be able to help.

I have never had gin straight-up before, and so I'm not familiar with what its flavour would be like. How would one describe it? If the specifics matter at all, it would be without ice, the cap missing to said gin having been missing for roughly twenty-four hours.

Please and thanks!
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(no subject)

Found this in my email:

Hippiefest Tickets
Line up (subject to change without notice): headliner: Eric Burdon and the Animals. Support: Jack Bruce (of Cream), The Turtles feat. Flo & Eddie, Badfinger feat. Joey Molland, Terry Sylvester of the Hollies. For more information visit Live Nation.

Some of the tickets are very affordable, so I can't help but be a little curious.

I have no idea why I'm feeling so exhausted. Ever since five o'clock I've wanted to crawl into bed. Of course, that wasn't doable; I came downstairs of my own doing to feed the pets, only to be told that I was making dinner as well. A little put out I nevertheless do as told. By six o'clock, dinner about ten minutes from being ready, my dad strolls into the kitchen, approaches the oven to stir the pot, seconds after he saw me stir the pot. He then announces dinner is ready. I was ready to throw the soup at him. I'm blaming it on the exhaustion and pms.

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Oh, and adorable moment of the day: almost ready to leave the house for work, I realise I hadn't put my duvet pillow on my bed. I'm about to pick it up when I realised Tika was sleeping soundly on it. ♥
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(no subject)

Happy St Paddy's Day! I don't know what my plans are for tonight, so it may involve Chocolate Mint Baileys or Guinness. Maybe both, who knows... I'm not wearing anything green, but in my defence, I am wearing my usual Celtic jewellery, and Celtic legend does play a role in Irish legend.

And, in honour of St Paddy's Day...

What Your Shamrock Says About You

You are good at making decisions and getting things done. You don't procrastinate.

At times, people are put off by your ambition. You don't really take a lot of time to relax.

You don't really consider yourself a lucky person. In your view, people create their own luck.

You are creative, innovative, and complicated. You definitely have a unique spin on the world.

Except I do relax, and procrastinate A LOT!

Oh, and before I forget again, I really must share the most ridiculous - but also hilarious - short conversation with my dad.

After attempting to put together a cheap bookcase together on my onesie, and breaking it... Yeah, I'm stupid, what of it?

Dad: What is the bookcase for?
Me: *Silently goggling* It's for myself, I'll be using it in my room.
Dad: What will you be using it for?
Me: *Goggling to the point that my eyes should fall out* Books.

What the HELL do you use a bookcase for? A turtle? My cats wanted to go into the hurdle events at the summer cat olympics, I'm using the bookcase for them to practice hurdling over. I'M USING A BOOKCASE FOR BOOKS, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT?

Oh, and I'm proud to announce that my cat Tika engages in most music dvd watching with me. Queen, Led Zeppelin - I think she also watched INXS with me, I'm not positive. However, Reggie the dog does Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd live at Pompeii. By some act of luck he was actually outside for Mademoiselle Nobs. XD
Tea and record

Writer's Block: The Things We Carry

Also known as delaying the creative proces

Considering I don't so much carry a purse with me but a bag - the term may be hobo's bag, I'm not certain - I can carry many things with me. I always have my wallet, keys and cell phone on me, along with several tubes of lip smackers. I also have pressed powder and a nail file. What can I say? I don't claim to be a girly girl but I do have a few necessities.

I have a small pill container, with tylenol and aleve in it. I think it might also include a tylenol cold and sinus pill in it.

I also have a few little extra toys in my bag. A Book of Squees (I don't expect anyone to know what that is, aside from the person who made it for me), a pencil, a rubber cup protector rather than a paper cup protector for when I want to get a tea from anywhere, kleenex, alcohol handwipes, a brush and hand cream.

And that's just the basics.

When I'm off to work I have a change of shirt in my purse, along with my notebook for writing and ipod.

Often when I'm out doing errands, if I buy something small, I won't bother getting a bag. I'll put it straight in my bag.

Oh, and I have a pin for the special olympics on the side.

I basically carry my life with me.